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Project Description
Wizard to send a local html page, including referenced files, as email

Depends on WizardFramework.dll which is only distributed and licensed for non-commerical uses.

Contact divelements for a license if you use in a commercial environment.

This small Windows .NET app was born out of my attempts to embed video inside the
body of an email message. Video works for IE 6 and below but with IE 7, the dynsrc tag
is deprecated. It can still work if the security on Outlook is not at a strict default.

However, the app does provide a convenient way to send an HTML page as a body
of an email message and include any files linked using href, src, dynsrc and
background. All CSS definitions should be embedded. There must be no
scripting. Keep it simple.

Requires .NET 2.0 and an SMTP server to send the email.

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