Reported by bzerkqirk
I get an error on the Confirm Send page, "Illegal characters in path." and later, "The given path's format is not supported."
I created my HTML in Notepad. It took a while for me to narrow down the error, but I get the error since my HTML contains the HREF="MAILTO:email@address.com". I realized the problem after having thought it was all the "=" character (ie SRC=image.jpg, etc), but figured out I just needed to put quotes around text after the equal-sign. Then I came across the MailTo and the problem lies there; it's not supported?
Also, I found out that characters like the quote ("), dash (-); show up as a square box (in Outlook) if it's used in my text.
Any ideas? Is there an escape-character?
I've figured a workaround, where I would first send to myself, then Forward, and then edit it.